To Peyton, Hannah and Ellie

  1. My deepest sympathy for your loss. Just a reminder of who I am, Your Grandpa Randolph was my brother. Mostly I have watched you girls grow up via Facebook. What an adventure you girls created. Your Grandpa would be so proud of you all. I met Jason at your Mom’s wedding. As I watched you girls mature, I could see a lot of love and guidance from your Dad, and of course, your Mom. Farming and raising cattle and hogs has always been close to my heart and it gives me great joy when I see you winning ribbons at fairs and any competition. And now Hannah; CONGRATULATIONS on all the exceptional awards you received from Murray State. As you move on to bigger and better things in the agriculture field, I wish you the very best. Peyton, you have beautiful children and I’m sure you are a great Mom. And Ellie, you go girl. You may have the best of your Dad in you because the first two was just for practice and look how successful they are. As you move on through High School then College, you will create a journey that belongs only to you, so you have to make it spectacular. Girls, please extend my deepest sympathies to Jason’s Mother and rest of the family. This is a difficult time so support one another and know without a doubt God will get you through this and “Dad” is watching over you. Feel free to contact me any time. Love, Aunt Sharon

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